Sam Philip head of to Univ. of Albany (New York)

Saturday, August 4, 2018


Sam Philip has graduated from the Academy with a scholarship at University of Albany, New York for the upcoming 2018 Fall.  Sam has been with the Academy since joining in Year 8 at APFA in Christchurch, from there he moved with the Academy to Wellington in 2014 and was based out of Scots College where he has completed his education.  Sam has played 55 games for Wellington United over the four seasons in Wellington as well as 30+ National League appearances.  This year Sam was the captain for the Academy U20 Team and represented the 1st Team at the Hong Kong 7's in May as well as recently in a pre-season friendly against Wairarapa United.

Academy Director Paul Temple had this to say about Sam: "Sam has fantastic potential as a footballer so I think he will do very well in the States, his athleticism, speed and ability to stay composed on the ball as a defender are big assets that will help him moving forward but Sam is not only an excellent young player he is an outstanding you man.  We are really going to miss him around the environment, the mentality he brings to trainings and games.  He is the sort of character you love as a coach, always works hard, never complains, gets on with his work at 100% effort. He is a coaches dream."

The Phoenix Academy would like to thank Sam for all his contributions over the past 4 years and wish him all the very best on his new adventure.

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